Pip’s Summer Giveaway!

Pip’s Summer Giveaway!

Alright it’s GIVEAWAY time!!! We’re going to make this really simple! All you have to do is go to Amazon and leave a review for Pip’s book! Once you’re done, copy and paste your review in the comments below, our Facebook page, or email them to us, whatever is easier- just so we know which review belongs to who and then we’ll choose a review at random next week to win a huge prize pack!

Not eligible to leave a review on Amazon? Don’t worry you can leave one on Barnes and Noble instead- just go here!

The winner will receive a cat bed of their choice, an Ultimate Sticker Pack, Pip’s little Pins, and our magnet set! Plus all the cat toys we have in our store as well! A prize valued at over $100!


Please let us know if you have any questions!

🐱 Pip and Meowmy

And don’t forget- we also sell Pip’s book in our store, which will come signed and personalized if you would like!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Janet Shock, says:

    Pip i love I love you but give my entry to someone in need.


  2. Kathy J says:

    Pip’s book (signed by the author) sits prominently on the dresser in the “kids room” in our beach home in ocean city. The grandkids, mostly teens, enjoy reading about and visiting the sites Pip adores. To be honest, I smile each time I read the book. I also can be found in the group around Pip on the boardwalk.


  3. Devin and Ji Montgomery says:

    My wife and I just met Pip last night on the boardwalk and we loved every minute of it! Pip is such a cute and amazing cat! His owners were also very friendly and helpful. We bought the book and had it signed…my wife loves it! She has been following Pip for a while and loved finally getting to meet him and get a high five!!! Great book, highly recommend getting it and meeting Pip! Thank you Pip! See you next time!


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