Pip Plays Santa Claws

Back in November, we contacted Hero Industries. They were recommended to us by The Cricket Center, an organization in our area that helps abused children, because they had just gotten a therapy dog, and Hero Industries had designed a stuffed animal version of their therapy dog, Josiah, so each child would always have Josiah with him or her. (A portion of our books’ profits are going to this center).


When Hero Industries heard of our plan to donate a stuffed Pip, for every one bought, to one of our dementia patients we work with, other elderly residents we visit, or children in need, they sent a whole box of sample toys our way! Pip got to play Santa, and we donated them all to Toys for Tots at Seacrets’ Christmas Party!

We are eagerly waiting for the arrival of our stuffed Pip’s so that we may begin fundraising to get a stuffed Pip to all of our patients we work with and others in need; as well as ones out to all of our fans! We’re only about a month away from our first order arriving! Can’t wait!


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