Pip goes to the World Famous Ocean Gallery!

Want to see the coolest website in existence? Head over to the relic, really art piece in itself, oceangallery.com. You’ll be transported back in time, to an internet you used to know…. Currently the subject of a locally-produced and directed documentary (when is it ever not being covered in the news), Ocean Gallery is a staple in Ocean City’s history and culture. It’s family-friendly fun, rooted in helping local artists, be it painters, writers, or filmmakers, makes it the perfect place for Pip to call home!

Ocean Gallery has named Pip their 2019 “Kitten of the Year”, and in doing so have formed a bond that will give Pip a semi-permanent space to meet and greet his fans and paw print those books!

While still in the beginning stages of production and scheduling, Pip plans on spending some time each week at the Ocean Gallery so that his fans can come stop by and say hi! And he can meet new people too! We’ll have more information as soon as we know it, but for the time being, enjoy adventuring around the gallery with Pip!

Ocean Gallery has amazing iconic paintings of Ocean City, Maryland, plus any of your other art needs! Beautiful frames, posters, beach-themed or not! There truly is something for everyone here!

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  1. Mary phillips says:

    Beautiful cat and so smart.


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