Pip Attends SantaCon 2018

SantaCon is a yearly tradition, both here in Ocean City and around the world. It started years ago in SanFrancisco, and has since spread wide and far. While many have argued that SantaCon tends to be a drunk and disorderly event in many cities, at it’s heart here in Ocean City, Maryland, is the biggest fundraiser of the year for local animal shelter Kenille’s Kupboard! Funds are also raised for the Assateague Coastal Trust through a 50/50 raffle.

Next year (2019)’s SantaCon in Ocean City, MD will be held on December 7th! 


Like the real Santa himself, the organizers of SantaCon here in OCMD do not reveal who they are! The local SantaCon event started all the way back in 2011, making this year the 8th annual. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Santas now descend upon downtown Ocean City each year in an effort to have a jolly good time while raising money and animal supplies for these charities.


Hoping to show his support and hopefully get a few more Santas to come out and about, Pip put himself in his very own Santa costume and headed over to the Cork Bar to tell Ms. Kenille of Kenille’s Kupboard what an awesome job she does! And make sure everyone in town knew that this wasn’t just an event for partying. It had real purpose.


We hope Pip’s Santa Paws appearance at SantaCon can be a yearly tradition! And if anyone is worried about Pip being in a loud bar, don’t- he felt so comfortable he fell right asleep! And don’t worry- Pip doesn’t really drink! But yes, he does really fall asleep in loud crowded places!


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