Pet-Friendly Restaurants and Bars in Ocean City

****This article is currently under construction*****

Alright! After months of research we have finally figured out who in town is definitely pet-friendly and who is not! If you’ve ever used the website Bring Fido- you may have realized that it is completely crowd-sourced information, so while someone may write that they brought their dog with them to this restaurant or that, they may have just caught the establishment on a day when a manager wasn’t around. So we spoke to owners and managers and now have a complete list of pet-friendly restaurants and bars in Ocean City, Maryland. Because while the Town of Ocean City on the surface looks liek it doesn’t seem to support pet-friendliness, these private businesses do and that’s who and what makes Ocean City so amazing! And if you don’t live here in town, here is a complete list of pet-friendly places hotels, condos, and houses that you can stay in! And just because you can’t go to the main Ocean City beach with your Pip or Pup, you can go to these beaches! And if we’ve missed one, or have been given the wrong info, please reach out so we can make sure this list is as comprehensive as possible!

Note: Some of these bars are on the boardwalk- where your pet is not welcome from May 1st to October 1st- so it is at your own discretion that you get yourselves from point A to point B, because once you’re at the private business you are more than welcome to be there.

@OCMDMemes (Chesapeake Bae on Instagram) had an idea… And we’ll put an* by any of these locations just so you know.

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 2.00.53 PM


Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill

Macky’s is by far the most pet-friendly bar or restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland. Not only do they have an entire menu for dogs, but they also donate an insane amount of money to our local Humane Society. Fun Fact: Did you know that 100% of Macky’s cover charges are donated to charity? They do so much for our community- and our community loves them for that. This year will be the third year they hold their Wagging Tail Gate Party (Always one of the first Sundays in September!) which raises tens of thousands of dollars in just a single day!

Never been to Macky’s? Here are some highlights. It’s situated directly on the bay. Like literally you could get up from your table and walk straight out into the water. You can come here by boat, car (tons of parking), paddle-board- we’ve seen it all! You’ve got multiple choices for where to sit- an inside dining room that looks exactly like you would imagine a seaside shack to look, an outdoor dining area that is literally ON THE sand, or the bar area- where EVERY DAY, that’s right, even weekends, from 3-6pm they offer Happy Hour! If you sit at a hightop table (it’s seat yourself) a cocktail server will come take care of you, or you can sit at the bar! There’s both inside (open-air but covered with a roof) cocktail tables; as well as, outdoor ones! For lunch and dinner Macky’s is definitely a family-friendly spot- with God Bless America playing as the sun sets each night. And then as the day starts to turn into night, it becomes one of the best places to be for partying! But you can read more about that here.

The Happy Hour menu can be viewed here. And two other things that are unique to Macky’s are their Bomb Squad Challenge and Fresh Squeezed Buckets! But again, learn more about that 21+ fun here. 

Macky’s is not open year-round, but this year they opened on April 25th, 2019 and will close sometime in October. Located on 54th Street Bayside.

[The Rest of this List is in order from South (Downtown Ocean City) to North Ocean City]

M.R. Ducks

The Angler

We already put the Angler on our list of favorite sit-down places because of all the memories we have of having dinner followed by a boat ride when we were kids. But it is also pet-friendly. And just opened for the season (May 2019!) Check out the recently renovated space all the way downtown at 312 Talbot Street.

The Frog Bar

De Lazy Lizard

Brass Balls Bad Ass Cafe*

If you’re walking on the boardwalk

Plim Plaza Carribean Pool Bar

Bull on the Beach Upper Deck

Malia’s Cafe

Hammerhead’s and Backshore Brewery

Fish Tales

Buxy’s Dry Dock


Rosenfeld’s Deli’s Deck

Longboard Cafe

Bayside Skillet

Dumser’s (Multiple Locations)

Dough Roller (Some Locations)

West Ocean City


Mad Fish


Mickey Fins

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