Pip goes to Assateague

The best dog (and cat) friendly beach near Ocean City, is none other than the Assteague National Seashore. Now we don’t want to say we like going here more than we like going to the beach in Ocean City, but let’s just say if Assateague was just a bit closer, then we’d be there everyday for sure!

The benefit to Assateague is that there are a lot less regulations. With that comes less safety (i.e. there aren’t lifeguards everywhere), but you can fish, surf, and swim with your pet in tow! So just be careful! And you do of course have to watch out for the horse poo!

But in the end, we love to surf, and we love to have our pets with us, so for now Assateague is our best option as it combines the two! However, if you are more interested in just lounging or fishing, Stinky Beach is also a great place to go.

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