Pip the Adventure Cat

Pip the Beach Cat’s Outdoor Adventures! To see all of Pip’s outdoor adventures go here!

Or you can jump straight to his paddle-boarding excursions, trips to Assateague, or trip to Stinky Beach.

One thing a lot of people notice about me is that I am an adventurous kitty, but guess what! I’m not the only one. In fact, you can read all about Adventure Cats, and how to get your cat more active in this book by our friends over at Adventure Cats.

If you’re ever curious about the tools we use with Pip, they can always be found at Pip’s Favorite Things!

Some cats may only ever want to explore the windowsill, others may want to venture out into the backyard, and then you’ve got the most adventurous cats that want to climb mountains! People always ask me, how did you train Pip to use a leash, and the answer is simple, we didn’t! We put the leash on him, took him outside, and he just loved it! All cats are different. One of our older cats would fall over and play dead if you put a harness on her. Our two black cats have always done well out and about on their leashes, but don’t like to go out at all much anymore. You’ll know if your cat is enjoying something or not. It’s very clear to us when Pip is not having a good time, he squirms, makes verbal cues of discomfort, etc.. and we know that it’s time to get him somewhere else, or dig him a hole so he can poop! (lol).  Some cats may be scared at first, but eventually be inspired to explore more. Take baby steps, and let your cat guide you where they want to go, not the other way around.

If you’re near our neighborhood, the Greyhound Bookstore in Berlin, Maryland has an entire section of cat books. We highly recommend you stop by to purchase something to help you! These are the three books we bought from there:

Adventure Cats by Laura J. Moss

The Trainable Cat by John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis

Total Cat Mojo by Jackson Galaxy

And we just recently started training little Pip so he can go on auditions! We have been using the clicker-training method, and the book Clicker Training for Cats by Karen Pryor has really helped with that too. In no time, Pip has started to respond to lots of different commands! It’s not perfect yet, but he is having so much fun I wish we had started doing this sooner.


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