Hi! I’m Pip! It’s Nice to Meet You!

43 Things You May Not Know About Me!

Hi I'm Pip

Once upon a time I was wandering the streets, alone. I was hungry, and dirty, and didn’t have anywhere to go. I was scared. Have you ever been scared before? No one wanted to take care of me, and my local shelter was so full of kittens they couldn’t take me either! But a husband and wife in Ocean City agreed to babysit me, and next thing they knew, I was a permanent member of the family! Here are 43 things you might not know about me…. (and you can see more if you go to my On the News section!)

1. I was named Pip, because I was an orphan, just like Pip from the famous Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations. Who are you named after?

2. Speaking of books- I just signed on yesterday to be a children’s book author! Deal Announcement

3. When I was found I was really dirty and could hardly open my eyes. My parents thought I was deaf, but it turns out I just had a lot of dirt in my ears. Now that they are clean I can hear much better. But now things scare me that didn’t use to!

4. As soon as I moved into my new home I started making messes. I broke my parents nice ceramic cat food bowls, killed a lot of plants, broke some pots, got dirt everywhere (it’s still there hehe), climbed the screens, the list goes on! So my parents decided to put me on a leash and take me outside. And that’s how I became a beach cat!

6. Since I was on the beach at the end of September, I wasn’t technically allowed to be there, when the lifeguard yelled at me, I just buried myself in the sand and hid!

7. My human dad is from Krakow, Poland, but my human mom is from Ocean City, Maryland. They met while working together at Macky’s Bayside years ago. This is pretty cool because Macky’s is a pet-friendly restaurant and bar, which means I get to go next summer! IMG_0784

8. For two years my human parents lived together in Poland, so my cat sisters are from there! My human parents adopted them from a neighbor in Krakow who had taken in a pregnant stray. They flew 10 hours when they moved from Poland to America! And even have little kitty passports! 

9. I am a lot younger than my sisters so I kind of drive them crazy. Sometimes I ride them around like they are my horse, and sometimes I just pounce right on top of them. I’ve also been known to hold them in a headlock. 95. Biting Mogli on the head

10. My sisters also go to the beach sometimes! Not as much as me because usually my beach time is planned to give them a break so they can relax and nap without the fear of an attack from me! Whoops! Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 11.18.56 AM

11. I was on the news locally with Brooke Butler for WMDT channel 7, but I also made the news in Tulsa, Oklahoma with Brooke’s brother. I loved Brooke and her camera man Colin! We had trouble getting some shots because I just wanted to cuddle with Colin in stead of what I was supposed to do! 

12. hen it’s warm out I hop on my boogie board at the beach on 27th street. I would say that’s my home beach! And you can usually find me playing there. pip profile

13. I love to dig in the sand. Like a lot. 48. Pip digging by wave

14. And I also love holes in the sand. If you ever see me, dig me a hole and I will jump right in. IMG_2535

15. I also love to chase butterflies! Or any kind of bug! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

16. I don’t mind wearing a harness or being on a leash. My parents actually use a dog leash for me because it’s retractable and gives me 26 feet to roam. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

17. I will eat almost anything! Beans, carrots, lettuce, coconut, those are just some of the weirder things I have chewed up.  You can watch my series “Will Pip Eat It?” on my TikTok Channel where I am @ImFeelingPipsyIMG_2537

18. I love to play with toys…. You can find my favorite things here.

19. When the weather got too cold for the beach, but still nice, I learned how to paddle board. I had great balance and even got a new life jacket to wear! I explored the canals of Ocean Pines, Maryland, which stem off of the Assawoman Bay.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

20. My carrier is a book bag, I have two. One is more for the beach, I don’t like it much, but the one I have for everything else, is awesome! Super comfy with lots of room.

21. I have a few nicknames. One is Pip-erroni and the other is Pipster. Some people call me Pipsy because of my Instagram name- I’m Feeling Pipsy. And I am also called Pip-Squeak because I don’t really meow yet, I just let out little squeaks. Sometimes my human parents call this “Pipping”.

22. Sometimes I ride on my bicycle. The boardwalk is my favorite place to ride, but I’m not great at sitting still. So I only get to ride in the basket for a little bit, and then I get put in my book bag. 

23. I love to play with my friends, some of them even have a key to my house, just so they can come take me for walks.

10. Pip on leash with Iryna

24. I love to meet new people, as long as they don’t pick me up! One day I went to Assateague and spent a whole day on the beach with a family that was traveling across the country and writing about their adventures on Mountain Mom and Tots.

25. This halloween Ocean City’s infamous Ocean Gallery awarded me “Best Costume”! I got to go visit the gallery and they gave me treats!


26. Sometimes I climb the window screens in my house!

5. My first time on the beach I loved it! 

27. I love to dress up (NOT!) but I am good at it, and it makes people smile, so I always give my photographer at least one good picture.

28. When I’m not playing at the beach, I like to lay under people’s beach chairs. When I go for walks, I always try to squeeze under people whether they like it or not! Or sometimes I bury under my beach blanket.

29. I am very curious about water. I play with the toilet, the sink faucet, the shower, anything that lets out water, I play with it!

30. Even when I am inside I am super playful! To keep me from being naughty my parents let me play with apps! 21. Pip Ipad Sequence 6.

31. I love straws! Especially reusable aluminum ones! People think I’m drinking Hoop Tea, but really I am just chewing on the straw.


32. My fur is the same color as an orange crush. USED 138. At fishtales orange crush

33. There isn’t anything I won’t try to play with! My mommy and daddy have to keep a close eye on me because I am always trying to get into something. One time I tried to play with a candle. 34. Pip playing with candle

34. The first time I was near the water I just let the wave crash right into me and I didn’t even care!

35. Then I sat on a little sandbar and let the water go all around me. 37. Pip playing in Ocean for the first time

36. I always sit with my mom when she is responding to everyone online or writing! Sometimes I even type! But it never makes sense, so she translates it for me! 58. Pip working on Google Docs

37. A lot of people love my tail, but my mom loves my big dark eyes. She remembers when they were so dirty and swollen, and now they are so beautiful. 57. Pip close up in room

38. I fight with my sisters everyday to get the prime spot in our room, the windowsill! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

39. My favorite treat in the world is coffee Creamer in the little cups. If you just shake one near me I go CRAZY! And once you open it, I run in circles I’m so excited! 60. Pip with a creamer

40. I am a very strong swimmer! 63. Pip swimming in tidepool

41. I love to chase leaves! and play with them. I don’t know why but they are one of my favorite things! 67. Pip playing with leaf leaves

42. One of my favorite things to do in Ocean City is go to the arcades! My favorite games to watch and play are Skee-Ball, Colorama, Pokerino, and all the games that are like humongous iPads with fun things playing for me to chase. cropped-playland-pip-at-skeeball-close-but-not-so-close.jpg

43. People love when I wear my little yellow slicker! I might have to become weatherman! USED 123. Pip in Rain Jacket

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Love you, Pip. So glad you found a nice family to have so much fun with. You deserve it. Hope to run into you in OC. Want to meet you so badly!


  2. Cindy Butler says:

    Pip you are the coolest cat I’ve ever met and yes I did meet you and very happy I did. Be good to your Parents, they are great and are bringing joy to many!


  3. Stephanie Emmert says:

    Do you live right in Ocean City? It’s my favorite place to go with my fur kiddos and one day want to relocate there from DC. Love you PiP


    1. Yes Stephanie! We live on 28th street!


  4. Juliana Veenis says:

    You and I have something in common Pip, we both came from the streets. My mum rescued me 9 years ago and I’m supposedly a senior cat at 14 but certainly dont act it. My name is Shadow, while not the most original since I’m black, but turned out fitting as I love caring for my mom as a thank you and have become her little shadow. I’ve loved following you on Instagram with all your adventures.
    Purrs Shadow


  5. John says:

    Hi, Pip! I am glad that fate favors you. Gorgeous photos. Bethany Cosentino once remarked: “I looked at the pictures of cats lying on the beach and thought:“ Cats hate water, so why should they have a beach? “. But then I realized that cats like to just lie down, rest and be lazy, but what could be better than on the beach? ” https://myquotes.co/search/cat/?page=2


  6. 1patches says:

    this is a great site, thanks so much!!!


  7. Allan Pearce says:

    Hello , My Fury Friend is called Pink a highly intelligent Siamese 😹


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