Pip walks in Stephen Decatur’s Water Walk for South Sudan

Pip was invited Friday March 29th to the Stephen Decatur Middle School’s Walk for Water campaign to build wells in South Sudan. Pip is quite popular at the school and the class wanted to use his “celebrity” to get more students to come participate in the walk! So Pip signed on to walk the entire school day to raise awareness and help with the campaign!


Mrs. Hammond’s class calculated the amount of water a child Pip’s size would carry as an extra credit assignment:


All day students walked with jugs of water to raise awareness of this issue. The school has raised over $10,000, just this year, to help build wells! And officially were able to build their second well in South Sudan. This is the fundraisers third year and we are so happy we got to be a part of it!


Super Fan Savannah, also mom to @catnip_the_icon on Instagram made a special shirt to thank Pip for coming to the Water Walk! So cool! Lots of the kids got to do laps with Pip as we all carried water and we learned about the water crisis in South Sudan.


The girls in South Sudan are often not allowed to go to school because it is more important that they go get water for their families. By building wells, the girls are able to enroll in school instead of walking for water each day. An African girl weighing 110 lbs. is expected to carry 40 lbs. of water each day for a very long distance. To learn more about this crisis visit Water for South Sudan.

And to learn specifically about how teachers are using the book “A Long Walk to Water” to make this a classroom lesson, go here.


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