Pip the Easter Bunny

Pip tells of his Easter fun….


“On Good Friday I woke up really early and got all my bags packed. Then I got Mommy and Daddy ready, and we all went to Berlin, to pick up Great-Grammy. Daddy had off from work because of the holiday, and Great-Grammy (that’s Grammy’s mom) didn’t have Bridge Club either, so we made it a family affair!

Our first stop was the Berlin Nursing Home, we spent a few hours there. First we played with everyone and then I put on my bunny ears so everyone could have a good laugh. Then me and one of my best residents went and watched the bumble bees outside the window, while Great-Grammy and Daddy helped everyone dye Easter eggs. After that we sang a song, and then we went to visit one of Great-Grammy’s friends from school that lives in the dementia wing. She kept telling Great-Grammy and me how beautiful we are, so I think we might just have to go back for a visit soon because that sure felt good!

We had also brought everyone a little present for Easter so we passed those out as well.


Then it was off to Snow Hill’s Harrison Hall to see our residents there. We sent Daddy to fill up all the bird feeders (that was a nice break for me and Mommy). We had brought our one resident some gummy bears because she had run out and they’re her favorite. We visited with her until her sister arrived- who also had brought her gummy bears! She’s going to have enough gummy bears for the whole year! Then we were off to see our other usual friends, give everyone their present and take our final stop in the dementia wing to see our very good friends there.

Then we all headed home to rest. (Well I got to rest, Mommy and Daddy had to get all my stuff for the weekend ready!)”



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