Pip the Beach Cat Fosters!

Pip almost always has a house full of foster kittens! Once they are big and strong and socialized, they are ready to head to the adoption center in West Ocean City.  PetSmart Charities provides Town Cats of Ocean City with several Kitty Condos at their location on Route 50 (on the right side if you are heading East towards the ocean not Petco at the Outlets). Below you will find photos and descriptions of our fosters that are available; as well as those that have gone to their forever homes, which we will note with “ADOPTED” next to their name.

To Apply to Adopt one of Pip’s Fosters Click Here!

Interested in Fostering, or volunteering? Just Contact Us and we’ll get you to the right people- or send us an email at pipthebeachcat@gmail.com

All of our Kittens are Litter Boxed Trained, and obviously AMAZING.


Her name matches her personality, but she makes up for her crazy antics with all the snuggling she’ll do. One of our cuddliest fosters to date- Frisky would often drool when she was excited to be with you, letting you know that you were important to her. She really is the definition of what a black cat is, sweet.


Frisky’s sister Penny is a bit more shy. It takes her a while to warm up, but once she does she’ll love you forever. Often on the bed sleeping with you, or nuzzling your face, once Penny is comfortable she’ll open right up and be your best friend.


Saved from the streets with his sister Elsa, Bruno is very outgoing and will often cuddle in the evenings. His rough start to life, means there’s a bit more work to do here, but with that cute face I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to spend every moment socializing this guy. Because of the way he was trapped as a kitten, he’s ready for adoption much sooner than others, so if you’ve been holding out for a younger guy- this is it! Him and Elsa are a bonded pair, and Elsa really depends on Bruno for his bravery and also his attention to her, especially when it comes to cleaning her off- so they will need to be adopted together.


Sometimes we call her bunny, because of the way she pulls her ears back in fear. It’s going to be a longer transition period for this little girl, but we’ve worked with her every day, throughout the day, to get her ready for a home. She’s still a little scared, but with the right toys and attitude she starts to explore and come out of her shell. She needs Bruno. She needs time. And she needs patience. But I have no doubt that she will be an amazing edition to any family once she realizes how awesome humans are! Be the person that saves Elsa from the streets- because that’s where she was going back to after being trapped and spayed. And of course, you’ll get Bruno with her!


Sometimes we get a little too attached to our fosters, and this is definitely one of them. The littlest of the litter, this runt is full of snuggles, cuddles, and fun. She is just the cutest little thing we’ve ever seen!

Mieszko: ADOPTED

You’ll never be able to see the beauty of her fur in a photograph- but visit this little guy in person and you’ll notice that he’s not black, not gray, but almost brown. Like a little piece of chocolate, his coloring changes based on the lighting and is one of the most unique kittens we’ve ever seen. Not to mention the beautiful blue that outlines her pupils before revealing green eyes. Also known as mermaid eyes.


Sweet, sweet, sweet, Ellie. She loves to get into EVERYTHING. You’ll never take a shower alone again, as she loves to climb her way in between the curtain and the liner. A striped little belly spot and speckled nose, makes her the cutest little Tabico ever. Even her eyes look like they have a bit of eye-liner around them. And oh yeah, speckled little toe-beans too!

Yogi Bear: ADOPTED

The most calm and polite kitten we’ve ever had. Bear is super snuggly, but doesn’t push you over to get you to pet him. He waits his turn for everything and loves to play, but in a responsible non-destructive way. He is one-of-a-kind.


Thank goodness this guy is so cute- because I’m not going to lie, he’s crazy! If you want a kitten that will keep you occupied from morning until night- then grab a basket of toys and play all day! This is one active and adventurous cat- that has a lot of the same personality as our Pip, except he is way, way, way cuddlier! And that’s definitely a plus. Because let me tell you- Pip does not snuggle.


Extremely affectionate, this foster came to us when her first foster went away for Christmas. It was a rough start with a bit of a cold- but we powered through and got Susie ready to go out into the world! As sweet as can be, with the cutest little markings of white!


Lay down and he’ll be right next to you, purring away. This guy is a little grey fluffball just waiting for his best friend forever! I just know his loyalty will never wane. Very loveable and outgoing, just as sweet as the rest of his litter.


Words cannot describe how much we love this little guy. Our first foster ever, he will always hold a special place in our heart. Pip loved teaching him how to be a cat, spending endless hours playing and watching birds together.  And while Oliver kitten-hissed at us for the first week, hid under a chair, and pooped literally on me, oh and pooped under the bed too, he came such a long way to become the best little kitten we could ask for. We learned so much from him, and used our experience with little Oliver to help shape the way we fostered from then on. I mean what’s a little poop anyway.

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