6 Last-Minute Gifts for Your Cat, You, or a Cat Lover You Know!

It’s so close to Christmas Morning, that there is probably only one way to get those last-minute gifts this year online, and that is Amazon Prime! While you can go out and shop in person, some of these items are exclusive to Amazon. All items are ones we’ve actually bought for ourselves- and can personally recommend!

1. A Bubble just Like Pip’s!

We’ve been using Lollimeow’s Bubble Design from the beginning. It is the original Bubble Cat Carrier, and is made with superior materials and design. We’ve tried lots of bubbles, but always come back to this one because of the way the bubble opens, and the sturdiness of the hardware. Even if your cat isn’t going on adventures, this is a cool carrier, because you can see them the whole time! And they feel less trapped as well. We know cats love tight spaces, have you seen a cat smush itself into a box? So we’ve never had a problem with the carrier being too small. In winter if you’re outside for long periods of time with your cat in his/her bubble, we block the bottom air-holes with a scarf and add a handwarmer. In summer, we put a pocket fan directly in the pocket to incraese airflow. Obviously don’t put your cat in direct sunlight in this thing- but that goes with any sort of carrier.

2. A Fancy Fountain that will increase hydration.

Pip loves this fountain so much that he will sit by it when he wants us to plug it in. It makes a little bit of noise, but I like to think of it as my zen waterfall. You can buy replaceable filters, and it’s easy to clean. And it comes in different colors. Honestly, I think it’s one of Pip’s favorite things in our house.

3. A Stroller for your Fur Baby.

We personally have the least expensive of this stroller brand, but find that it doesn’t have a lot of add-ons that could be useful. So while it works for us, we still usually have to bring a bag with us of Pip’s things; where as, the more expensive versions have added pieces that help you carry the treats, water bottle, blanket etc… Pip prefers his bubble because it is a smoother ride, but also sits higher up when we carry him. If you’ve never seen us out and about with Pip, we always carry him on our front so that he can see where he is going. But that can be a pain sometimes. So in those moments, we use the stroller instead! Plus it gives him more room to stretch out if we are going to need to keep him inside a carrier at an event, for longer.

4. Anything YEOWWWWW!!!!

If you’ve never heard of Yeowwww! They are the leading brand of catnip products. There’s just something about them that cats LOVE. We have the banana, pack of sardines, and cigar; and even two years later the cats still all slobber over them!

5. A Furbo so you Can check on your pets all day long.

Maybe go ahead and just buy this for yourself! We did over the Prime Day Sale a few months ago, and have been loving it ever since. It can alert you of all different types of movement/interaction in your home; but what I love most about it, is that you can check in and throw treats to your best friends throughout your day! I got so used to being with Pip, Natty, Mowgli, and the fosters all day, that when I was sent into the classroom to teach, I really worried about them. So now, when I’m not home, I just open my Furbo app, turn on the microphone and can talk to them whenever I fee like it. They know if I’m talking through the Furbo there is probably going to be a treat coming their way soon, so they all scurry on over to say hello!

6. A Book that will turn your cat’s fur into a figure of them you can keep forever.

Soooo this one is maybe a bit weird. But I saw it on a Buzzfeed list of some sort and knew I had to have it. The book is full of helpful tips on how to create felt from your cat’s hair. Pretty much you brush them like you normally do, hold on to the fur they shed, and then, when you have enough of it, you turn it into felt and make a felt version of your kitty cat! I don’t know why, but I am obsessed with learning how to make felt versions of my kitty cats to keep forever. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of shedding this time of year in our house, but come spring, I am READY to collect that fur and get to felting!

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