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Pip the Beach Cat looks on at his first ever foster kitten, Oliver, on their windowsill. Since Oliver, Pip has fostered over 30 cats and kittens.

Pip almost always has a house full of foster kittens! Once they are big and strong and socialized, they are ready to head to the adoption center in West Ocean City.  PetSmart Charities provides Town Cats of Ocean City with several Kitty Condos at their location on Route 50 (on the right side if you are heading East towards the ocean not Petco at the Outlets). Below you will find photos and descriptions of our fosters that are available; as well as those that have gone to their forever homes, which we will note with “ADOPTED” next to their name.

Every fostering situation is different— and trust me I’d rather have you as a fair-weather foster than not a foster at all! So never feel guilty about not being able to take on the harder cases, and of course never feel guilty about not taking on any at all. We all know where we can make a difference, but we also must know where we want to make a difference, because making a difference in this way will be more sustainable for a longer time, and may even feel like fun. There’s such thing as “emotional fatigue” or “compassion fatigue”— trust me, I’ve been there. But even with the sadness of this summer’s losses, I wouldn’t change a thing about what we’ve done when it comes to fostering and I am so happy that we continue to do it. 

Not only do the foster kittens provide a rotating roster of playmates to occupy Pip, but they also bring us a new and exciting personality every few months. If there’s something we’ve learned from all of the fosters we’ve had and continue to have, it’s that they are each different. Each one truly has it’s own unique personality, just like us humans! Sometimes a pair is really attached to each other, we call those bonded pairs. And other times we know a kitten would do well anywhere. Sometimes you get a scaredy cat on your hands that you know needs a very special person with a lot of patience to adopt it. One that is going to take a long time getting used to any new surroundings. Other times we have a kitten that  we know could adapt anywhere! Fearless, playful, adventurous. And of course we get the cuddle bugs too! They are my FAVORITE. Mostly because Pip refuses to cuddle, so I get the cuddles out of the kittens as often as I can. 

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All of our Kittens are Litter Boxed Trained, and obviously AMAZING.

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Monica (On Right)







Chilly (Pending Adoption)

Castiel (Adopted)

Moonlight (Adopted)

Peanut (Adopted)

Jelly (Adopted)

Prego (Adopted)

Rosie (Adopted)

Charlie (Adopted)

Louisa (Adopted)

Layla (Adopted)

Harper (Adopted)

Reese (Adopted)

Loki (Adopted)

Rascal (Adopted)

Guacamole (Adopted)

Taco (Adopted)

Queso (Adopted)

Ravioli (Adopted)

Cannoli (Adopted)

Fettuccini (Adopted)

Alfredo (Adopted)

Mango (Pending Adoption)

Coconut (Pending Adoption)

Davie (Adopted)

Chuck (Adopted)

Gertrude Stein (Adopted)

Ernest Hemmingway (Adopted)

F. Scott Fitzgerald (Adopted)

Ezra Pound (Adopted)

Benji (Adopted)

Walnut (Adopted)

Bobby (Adopted)

William Butler Yeats (Adopted)

Lanie (Adopted)

Libby (Adopted)

George (Adopted)

Penny (Adopted)

Doodle (Adopted)

Cricket (Adopted)

Catydid (Adopted)

Junebug (Adopted)

Grasshopper (Adopted)

Buttercup (Adopted)

A sweet, sweet, young cat that many people far and wide fell in love with on FacebookLive, Buttercup gave birth to six amazing kittens with ease, and continues to nurse them, clean them, and teach them how to be strong independent kittens themselves. She has done a phenomenal job with her latest litter (not her first) and is super appreciative of any attention she gets when everyone has stopped ooo-ing and awww-ing over her kittens. She’ll get spayed soon, which I think she’ll appreciate, and will be looking for a new family to join. Buttercup’s babies are all named after wild flowers and plants too. And likely she was abandoned by her owners because she was pregnant again– which reminds me, SPAY AND NUETER YOUR PETS PLEASE!

Chickweed (Adopted)

The most shy of the group, Chicky keeps to himself and doesn’t quite cause the same mayhem as the others. But, just when you think he’s afraid of you, he’ll turn up in the middle of the night to get under the covers. These guys are so young that it’s hard to tell what their full purrrrrsonalities will be, but one thing is for sure– they are all healthy, happy, and learning so much about the world each and every day.

Charlie (Adopted)

It’s funny how even such little kittens can be so different from each other. Charlie is already known for his dramatics. He is quick to puff up if he’s afraid, and is just all around dramatic. His face is constantly reacting to every little thing happening around him as though he is in constant disbelief that this is the world he lives in.


As I’ve said many times, when Clover was born he reminded me of one of the bottle babies we lost last year, and so I assume he is a reincarnated Moonbeam (that was her name). Judging by his chunkiness he is definitely carrying the weight of an extra kitten soul! Full of antics, if you’ve watched any of our livestreams, Clover is hilarious. Always doing something that just makes you laugh, Clover will be a wonderful addition to any home even if it means he’s constantly doing silly stuff.


Sweet, sweet, Emmy is the most independent of the group. Even at a young age you could hold her and she would fall asleep in your arms without a care in the world as to where her siblings or mother were. She has the most beautiful markings, and will stare into your soul with her cuteness. She’s playful and fun of course too! Oh and she’s one of the tiniest in the litter.

Daisy (Adopted)

Daisy is a little sweetie.  Cuddly and playful she is a classic kitten. Eats, sleeps, plays, repeats! She is mostly black but has a white little chin with a black spot on it. It will be very fun to see her grow and how big the little spot becomes.

Thistle (Adopted)

Thistle is very playful and quite boisterous. He has already found his voice and has been developing it into a cute little squeak. Nothing makes me happier than hearing a little kitten make a playful meow, instead of a “I NEED SOMETHING” one. Thistle was the biggest of the litter when born, but has now been passed by Clover.

Raindrop (Adopted)

Whenever we get bottle babies we don’t name them right away because you really never know if they will make it or not. Well, these guys made it, and now we’re still calling them the random nicknames we gave them at the beginning (all except Simba who came to us named). Raindrop has a little brown spot in her neck, and has the coloring that reminded me of a storm. She is very sweet and often comes to cuddle or play with me. She is one of the tinier bottle babies, so we hope she gets some more weight on and continues thriving.

Stripes (Adopted)

The biggest of the bottle babies when he arrived, Stripes has slowed down a bit with his growing. It’s always interesting to see how these situations will pan out. Because he was possibly the least malnourished when their mother died, he didn’t necessarily gouge the milk and wet food we gave him, meaning his weight was a smaller, but steady increase. We are keeping a close eye on him to make sure that he continues to grow.  At a very, very, young age Stripes was the victim of Tortie and L.O’s constant sucking and often had to be separated for his own safety. Thank goodness that problem stopped, but it is a common one. When baby kittens lose their mom, nothing will soothe them as well as she did, and so they start looking for things that feel like mom– and in this case that was Stripes’ wee-wee! We had some Calmeroos sent to us by a very dear fan, as well as some other soothing aides that helped all the kittens transition to life without a mom.


The second I saw her, my heart sank. She looked terrible. Her cheeks were puffy and the rest of her was so thin. Something I’ve heard about that is an indicator a kitten won’t make it without their mom is chipmunk-cheeks, and she seemed to have just those. Of course as soon as I got her home, Jack looked at me and said, “She’s not going to make it.” It was like we were both thinking the same exact thing. WELL– I guess she heard us, because Tortie sure did prove us wrong. She learned to eat from a bottle, quickly transitioned to wet food, and suddenly was wider than she was long. She has continued to grow, so much so, that she is now one of the biggest in her litter; and has the most beautiful long fur, unlike any of the other kittens we have right now.


If you want a kitten that is so attached to you he screams at the top of his lungs just so you’ll pet him, Simba is your guy! Obviously one of our favorites, because who doesn’t love something screaming their undying love for you at the top of their lungs, just to quickly turn it into strong purring as soon as you pet them. He is affectionate, needy, strong, and did I mention loud? He has the cutest look on his face, and often digs his nose so deep in his wet food that it’s a completely different color by the time he’s done eating. Hopefully he’ll figure out how to clean his snout soon.


This guy is first of all adorable, lazily named since L.O. is just an abbreviation for Light Orange, and huge! He has officially caught up with our non-orphaned litter, surpassing Buttercup’s girls in weight this week. I love his beige and blonde coloring and am curious how/if it will continue to change as he matures. He runs, he jumps, he cuddles, he purrs, he eats– he’s a classic kitten! Which is always something you hope for when a kitten loses its mom.


The quieter of the trio Pounce is often found lounging around the house out in the open. Out of all three wild black cats we have right now, Pounce is the least likely to, well, pounce, as you approach him. It’s quite easy to sit next to him and pet him, and he seems the least afraid of people, but unlike Inky, he doesn’t often hop up next to us. Although let’s be honest, Inky probably only hops up next to us because we have the jar of shrimp treats. 

Pounce and Inky will definitely need collars to tell them apart, as both are all black with clipped-ears.


Lover of treats. Maker of weird noises! Inky loves to gallop through the house with Pip playing, all the while making strange little shrills and squeaks- that are so CUTE! Inky is the most playful of his litter, and has warmed up to people the most. There’s still a lot of work ahead of him in terms of socialization, but he’s already ahead of the rest of the boys. Bonded with Pounce, it would be best if these boys went together. They often walk through the house with their tails literally intertwined- literally!

Olive (Adopted)

As cute as a pimento! That makes no sense, but my mom thought it was funny. Olive came to us as a single kitten who was found outside alone (pretty much the same as Pip!). She’s adoroable with those classic tabby markings and extra fluffy belly fur!  She was very scared at first and wouldn’t let us come near her. She would run and hide from humans, but play all day with her kitty cat friends. So, we did a few days of crate-training. Crate-training is when you keep a kitten, or cat, in a small space, like a crate, where they can’t hide, but feel safe because it is small, and you go and visit them with treats throughout the day. Holding them and playing with them every time. A few minutes of exposure to humans throughout their day has been proven to be more effective than trying to hold them for an hour or so, only once in the day. In our visits with Olive, we discovered that she is a huge fan of freeze-dried shrimp, and were able to use that love for shrimp to get her to trust us. Surprisingly not every cat likes every treat, so it’s important for you to find treats that your cat goes nuts over! The shrimp bonded us quite well, and we now count Olive as one of the many fosters that sleeps with us in bed.  

Willow (Adopted)

Sweet little Willow had a rough start to life. Abandoned by her mother when she was really too young to be on her own, she was given to a local woman with the promise of the perfect companion. But what seemed like a sniffly nose, quickly escalated into an infection that ruptured Willow’s eye, and left her partially blind. When I went to pick Willow up, because the woman didn’t know what to do to help her, I tried to remain calm, but as soon as I was in my car I started bawling. She was so little, and so sick, and I really wasn’t sure if she would make it. I started calling around to all of the vets in our area, and finally found a slot open at the Precious Paws in Delaware, so Willow and I drove up together and they helped figure out the main problem. They took care of the serious stuff, and sent us on our way. When we got home, I cleaned Willow up and gave her a flea treatment. Slowly, over the next several weeks, her ruptured eye went back inside her (to be honest she kind of looked like a zombie there for a while) and it even started to resemble a normal eye in some parts of it. Originally we were quite sure that she would have to have the eye removed, but it doesn’t seem to be that way anymore, and there’s even a chance that she can see out of it just a little! She continues to be one of the most playful kittens we have ever had. Not in a destructive way like many others, Willow will carry around a toy in her mouth everywhere she goes and play until she’s ready to pass out, get up and do it again.  Her and Olive have had a great time growing up together and would make a great pair. However, I think Willow has also done really well on her own too! Before Olive came she would play by herself for HOURS. We’re so proud of the progress Willow has made, oh and! I can’t forget! The coolest thing about her, is the stripe of white fur that started to grow on her back, it’s like she’s a skunk! 

Baby Gray (Adopted)

One of Jack’s favorites, Baby Gray proved to be the highest jumping kitten we have ever had. Baby could fly through the air like a squirrel! And trust me, she did! Extremely playful and very very fast, Baby Gray was one of the most entertaining kittens we have ever had the pleasure of sharing a space with.

Little Gray (Adopted)

If Baby Gray was the crazy jumping bean- Little was the opposite. Little Gray was much calmer, and was great at cuddling. She had just a little bit more white on her face, and was just a bit fluffier than Baby. They were a great little pair growing up.

P.J. (Adopted)

A chip of the old block- P.J. was jokingly called Pip Jr., but the name stuck! Sweet and playful, P.J. and Pip grew quite attached to each other and were often found curled up together as one big orange fur ball! We just visited with the all grown up P.J. and I can’t believe how big he has gotten. It seems like just yesterday I could hold him in the palm of my hand. P.J. now lives in Pennsylvania, about an hour from Baltimore.

Moo (Adopted)

Little Moo looked just like a cow and was one of the smallest of Mabel’s litters. She was quite energetic and loved to play with water, whether from the sink, toilet, or her water bowl. For weeks she carried around the same toy in her mouth, hiding it and not allowing any other cats to play with it. We of course sent her little feather-belled-fish toy with her to her new home, and last we heard, it’s still her favorite! Moo now resides in Ocean Pines with her siblings Stormy and Dizzy.

Mabel (Adopted)

Mabel was most likely someone’s pet, and when she ended up pregnant they decided to dump her in the middle of the night on a random doorstep. Not only did Mabel raise her own amazing litter of kittens, she also was the surrogate mother to abandoned kittens from two other litters as well. Now that all the kittens have grown up and been adopted, Mabel is looking for someone to help her. She will do best in a household with fewer cats than ours as she enjoys her space. But give her some room, and she will appreciate you so much for it. As long as she doesn’t feel like she’s competing for your attention, she will be happy to be the center of it! She loves to head-bump and snuggle when she is comfortable. If you are a follower of Pip, you may remember all the kittens that Mabel helped including her own P.J., Moo, Baby Grey and Little Grey; as well as, the abandoned kittens James, Chonker (Julias), and Zubra (Julian). She deserves the best home, and we are hoping she has waited so long because she is waiting for the most perfect family. 

Roseberry (Adopted)

It’s amazing how much Roseberry has changed over the last several months. Our neighbors first spotted Roseberry out on the streets and began to feed her. Soon the entire neighborhood was putting out a little snack here and there for the friendly kitty. Eventually one neighbor was able to easily catch her in a regular cardboard box, she just walked right into it, and brought her to our house. The first thing I noticed was how sad her eyes were. But then I quickly realized that there might be something in her tummy too! Ok and behold, her tummy kept growing and eventually three little kittens popped out. Well sort of. Two popped out while we were all at work, and when we came home she seemed to still be in labor. For a couple of hours we watched her try to push and push this breeched kitten out (we could see its tail!). But eventually we realized the severity of the situation and took her to the Pet ER where they performed an emergency C-Section; rescuing the rather large Lucky (or Crush) and of course saving Roseberry as well so she could be there for her kittens. She came home with the whole litter and knew exactly what to do! Penny, Crush, and Bunky all grew into precious babes that found forever homes throughout our area— now just Roseberry is waiting for one!

Clyde (Adopted)

Living in the wild for most of his life, Clyde was a classic Tomcat. Chubby cheeks, un-neutered, and pretty beat up; but he was so friendly. This means at some point he probably had a family somewhere that kept him as an outside cat. Something happened to his family and Clyde began showing up needing help at a woman’s home in Delaware. Poor little Clyde came back FIV positive, which meant he couldn’t live at the adoption center in West Ocean City– but luckily he was adopted right after we got him neutered and groomed, and is living his best life now!

Penny (Adopted)

The sweetest little Calico born to Roseberry, Penny started life quite afraid of most things, but loved to stare longingly into her fosters’ eyes. Fluffier than the rest we think she heard us commenting on her rather large weight, because we began to notice that she would only eat privately. We called her our little closet eater. Luckily, when she got adopted, Princess Penny came out of her shell, made best friends with both the dog she lives with now, and the young boy, and clearly couldn’t be happier!

Bunky (Adopted)

Many of you know this, but Roseberry’s litter spent most, if not all, of their time at our satellite fostering house a.k.a. Pip’s Grammy’s. Bunky became Beverly’s best companion and helped her each day feel better as she recovered from a double mastectomy. As much as we thought Beverly would foster fail, she endured, and prepped little Bunky to go to her own forever home. Now that Bunky is out of the house and living with her new family, Pip’s Grammy’s cats have returned to sleeping in bed with her. Sometimes a little jealousy can help a relationship.

Crush (Adopted)

Orignally named Lucky, because he was saved from Roseberry’s womb in an emergency c-section, his orange color inspired his other name, Crush, and so he became as he grew older. True to his orange color, Crush as a kitten was full of energy and enthusiasm, yet had the same sad eyes as his mom, making your heart melt as he stared into your eyes!

James (Adopted)

James: Don’t tell the others, but James was by far Pip’s Dad’s favorite foster. He came to us the only survivor of an abandoned litter. He had been found outside next to his brother who didn’t make it, with no Mom in sight. We supplemented him with bottle feedings, but left most of the Mommy work to Mabel who became his surrogate. Looking back James was so small, I can hardly believe that he made it. We used to call him our little mouse because of how he would scurry across the floor. He was extremely underweight, yet could walk, which made for the cutest moments. Eventually James also came down with Coccidia, a recurrent parasite that may never leave. Even after treatment he continued to struggle with pain; but finally made it through, just to get stuck in our sofa (how????) and break his leg. James hated being put in a crate to heal, but he made it through that injury and has since moved in to his forever home with our other foster Archer. We couldn’t be happier that these two were adopted together! 

Julian (Adopted)

Raised with James by Mabel, but from a different litter, Julian made our summer of quarantine very enjoyable. He LOVED watermelon and we would cut it up into small pieces just to share with him. Earning the nickname Zubra (watermelon in Polish), Julian quickly became a part of our family. Extremely cuddly and attached to us, we now get to go visit him in Ocean Pines where he lives with his brother Julius and Pip’s Mom’s Dad a.k.a. Pip’s Grandpa I guess! Lucky for Julian, nothing held him back, and he thrived from kittenhood into adulthood. In case I ever look back at what I write, I want to also mention here that Julian made the CUTEST chirping noises as he would walk through the house each day. 

Julius (Adopted)

Nicknamed Chonker or Chunker because of his ferocious appetite, Julius loved to steal James’ bottle for himself. On more than one occasion Chunker took the nipple of the bottle and bit right through it. In fact, he had an obsession with finding all the nipples we used and biting them in half. Perhaps this love for chewing things is what led to him swallowing some trash that ended him up in the ER as well; completing our summer of PetsER trips, which I think ended up totaling over 10 times. Either way, his stomach proved to be strong and he made it through his little health scare just to be adopted with his brother Julian and wreak havoc on someone else’s house. Lucky for him and Julian, they got to move in with our former foster Oscar, who is just as rough and tumble as those two are!

Archer (Adopted) and Dusty (Adopted)

While they weren’t adopted together, Archer and Dusty were our first bottle babies we ever took care of, and the only survivors from their litter of 6. These two kittens provided us with the strength and courage to keep going, even after we watched four others pass away over the course of a week. We knew bottle babies were hard, which is why we didn’t name them at first, but even calling them Triangle, Stripe, Fluffy, White One, White Two, Skinny Grey didn’t help us when we lost them one by one. We gave them all real names both posthumously and in life; Stripe became Archer and White 2 became Stardust or Dusty; while their litter mates were named Ophelia, Comet, Moonbeam, and Pluto. We will remember this group forever, and cherish the memories we have with them so much. 

Dusty proved to be the biggest and healthiest of the litter, with beautiful blue eyes that appeared to be a bit crosseyed, and Siamese markings, he went to a home far away that had a cat that looked just like him that had passed away. You could tell right away the joy he would bring to them, and we often get updates on Facebook about his wellbeing. The coolest thing about Dusty was watching him go from all White to a White/Dark Grey Siamese. Truly amazing how much a kitten’s color can change as they go through kittenhood. Both playful and sweet, Dusty was quite a character to have around. 

Archie is of course my favorite foster we’ve ever had, and I try to check on her all the time, without being overbearing on her family. It’s amazing to me how different each cat is throughout their life and in comparison to each other. I don’t really know what it was about Archer, but I loved her more than any other kitten we have helped raise. Sometimes I still look back at her picture and cry, even though I know she is happy and safe with her new family. But I also hear about her life now and am filled with joy and pride. It’s funny how each foster can affect us all so differently. She was just so tiny. After spending three days hospitalized as a very small kitten, her and Dusty both proved they had the strength to go on with life and become amazing companions for their new families. Below is something I wrote for Archer when she was adopted:

Dear Archie,
Your beginning of life was so hard but you persevered into the little ball of fire I have come to know and love. For months we were inseparable. You gave me so much purpose during a time when I was feeling lost; helping me structure a day that since March has been a struggle. You are the reason I foster.
Tomorrow you will be adopted and start your new life. And I will cry. But not for long, because I know you are going to continue to grow, and learn, and become someone else’s best friend. You are the reason I foster.
I will think of you often. The way you started your life with so much struggle, yet so much fight. How we called you Stripe when you were just an unnamed bottle baby. How you always knew when someone was talking to you— I’ve never met anyone who knows their name as well as you. Or how when you’re hungry you start to talk to anyone that will listen. How you loved to sleep on top of my pillow every night. And how when you were a baby every time you tooted 😳 it scared you. All the little screams that came every time you passed gas- as you learned how to be a cat, and how our bodies work, without a mom to help you, will always bring a smile to my face. You are why I foster.
And so, your quirks and love, and little dot and stipe on your face, how tiny you are, how you bite me if I try to give you a bath, how you try to nurse from every cat you meet, and for that matter, blanket and sweater. The way you root around looking for something, anything, that will be like a mom to you. I’ll remember it all fondly. You are why I foster.
So while I will definitely be a puddle tomorrow, and clearly already am, I am also so happy for you and James to be spending the rest of your lives together, with a family that will love you more and more everyday. And I’m sure I’ll be getting a call any day now, that says, “Hey, ummm, sooo….” and I’ll reply, “how many is it?” And suddenly this little hole in my heart will be filled with new fluff balls that need me more than you do. Plus let’s face it, I always needed you more than you needed me anyway.
This is why I foster.

Ladybug (Adopted)

Sweet Ladybug was living in Baltimore with her owner for many years, but when her owner was suddenly hospitalized she had nowhere to go. Luckily, she was able to keep living in her owner’s apartment, where she was visited daily by Pip’s now good friends, Peggi and Sister Kathleen. Knowing that Ladybug’s owner would not be returning to life in her own apartment, they decided the best thing for Ladybug was to find her a home, the ladies reached out to Pip to see if he could help, and of course he could! He traveled up to Baltimore to pick up Ladybug, brought her down to Ocean City, and moved her into the kitty condos at the Adoption Center. There isn’t usually room there, but Ladybug got very lucky!

Frisky (Adopted)

Her name matches her personality, but she makes up for her crazy antics with all the snuggling she’ll do. One of our cuddliest fosters to date- Frisky would often drool when she was excited to be with you, letting you know that you were important to her. She really is the definition of what a black cat is, sweet.

Penny (Adopted)

Frisky’s sister Penny is a bit more shy. It takes her a while to warm up, but once she does she’ll love you forever. Often on the bed sleeping with you, or nuzzling your face, once Penny is comfortable she’ll open right up and be your best friend.


Saved from the streets with his sister Elsa, Bruno is very outgoing and will often cuddle in the evenings. His rough start to life, means there’s a bit more work to do here, but with that cute face I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to spend every moment socializing this guy. Because of the way he was trapped as a kitten, he’s ready for adoption much sooner than others, so if you’ve been holding out for a younger guy- this is it! Him and Elsa are a bonded pair, and Elsa really depends on Bruno for his bravery and also his attention to her, especially when it comes to cleaning her off- so they will need to be adopted together.


Sometimes we call her bunny, because of the way she pulls her ears back in fear. It’s going to be a longer transition period for this little girl, but we’ve worked with her every day, throughout the day, to get her ready for a home. She’s still a little scared, but with the right toys and attitude she starts to explore and come out of her shell. She needs Bruno. She needs time. And she needs patience. But I have no doubt that she will be an amazing edition to any family once she realizes how awesome humans are! Be the person that saves Elsa from the streets- because that’s where she was going back to after being trapped and spayed. And of course, you’ll get Bruno with her!


Sometimes we get a little too attached to our fosters, and this is definitely one of them. The littlest of the litter, this runt is full of snuggles, cuddles, and fun. She is just the cutest little thing we’ve ever seen!

Mieszko: ADOPTED

You’ll never be able to see the beauty of her fur in a photograph- but visit this little guy in person and you’ll notice that he’s not black, not gray, but almost brown. Like a little piece of chocolate, his coloring changes based on the lighting and is one of the most unique kittens we’ve ever seen. Not to mention the beautiful blue that outlines her pupils before revealing green eyes. Also known as mermaid eyes.


Sweet, sweet, sweet, Ellie. She loves to get into EVERYTHING. You’ll never take a shower alone again, as she loves to climb her way in between the curtain and the liner. A striped little belly spot and speckled nose, makes her the cutest little Tabico ever. Even her eyes look like they have a bit of eye-liner around them. And oh yeah, speckled little toe-beans too!

Yogi Bear: ADOPTED

The most calm and polite kitten we’ve ever had. Bear is super snuggly, but doesn’t push you over to get you to pet him. He waits his turn for everything and loves to play, but in a responsible non-destructive way. He is one-of-a-kind.


Thank goodness this guy is so cute- because I’m not going to lie, he’s crazy! If you want a kitten that will keep you occupied from morning until night- then grab a basket of toys and play all day! This is one active and adventurous cat- that has a lot of the same personality as our Pip, except he is way, way, way cuddlier! And that’s definitely a plus. Because let me tell you- Pip does not snuggle.


Extremely affectionate, this foster came to us when her first foster went away for Christmas. It was a rough start with a bit of a cold- but we powered through and got Susie ready to go out into the world! As sweet as can be, with the cutest little markings of white!


Lay down and he’ll be right next to you, purring away. This guy is a little grey fluffball just waiting for his best friend forever! I just know his loyalty will never wane. Very loveable and outgoing, just as sweet as the rest of his litter.


Words cannot describe how much we love this little guy. Our first foster ever, he will always hold a special place in our heart. Pip loved teaching him how to be a cat, spending endless hours playing and watching birds together.  And while Oliver kitten-hissed at us for the first week, hid under a chair, and pooped literally on me, oh and pooped under the bed too, he came such a long way to become the best little kitten we could ask for. We learned so much from him, and used our experience with little Oliver to help shape the way we fostered from then on. I mean what’s a little poop anyway.


He’s sort of like a shadow in our house. We sometimes see him in the corner of our eyes, but more often than not he is hiding somewhere. After weeks of crate-training we thought we had made some progress, but we’re just not sure yet. He is very afraid, and will either need to be in a home where no one depends on him for much of anything for a while, or somewhere that is going to work with him constantly on socialization. He has a chance here to be a really good companion, and we’re so happy Town Cats rescued him off the streets as a kitten, but because he was a little mature, he isn’t as easy to train. We have high hopes for him, he just needs the right family. However— as soon as I finished writing this, the strangest thing happened. Jinx, for the first time ever, jumped up onto the bed and nuzzled me. I gave him a shrimp and he was all over me! It was as though he knew what I had written about him, and knew it was time to start making sure he was ready for a family. It really was the strangest thing I have ever experienced! Time will tell, but I’m looking forward to watching Jinx grow into a wonderful cat.